Window on display shelf


Highlight a range of products on the shelf and create a distinction against the others brands.

Visual merchandising

Shelf space / high and bottom displays


Promote a specific range or category within the point of sale and clarify the store offer, enticing people to buy the products. 




Secure and boost product positioning on the self space,  while facilitating the corner management.


Shelf space category


Specify and organise product categories to clarify and better visualise the store offer.

Permanent Cross Merchandising

Promote a range of products outside its' regular shelf space to improve cross merchandising sales and create new product associations in your customers' minds.

Information on sale site

Informative tool to provide further information on a given product.

Floor display

To highlight a range of products outside the shelf space.

Counter display

 Display stand placed on retail counter to generate impulse buying and to create an additional sales area. 

Mini shop


Promote and secure the space around a product and highlight a product or a range on a tray. 


Create a shelf space dedicated to a brand or a product, create a visual split, and secure the space.


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Our teams design your customized POS to accompany your presence in the store in the long term. According to your marketing objectives, whatever its material (cardboard, plastic, wood, metal), its location (store entrance, linear, showcase), its purpose (product launch, storage, cross-merchandising).